Me Made May is finally done! This week, I’m offering tips to analyze your month of makes while reviewing my own!

▲ Final Week Outfits▲

▲ Interpreting Your Data ▲

So you’ve got 31 outfits, how do you turn that into useful information?

Review your goals What did you set out to accomplish? What struggles did you encounter during the challenge? Did anything surprise you about your choices? Referring to your goals will help focus your analysis toward useful conclusions.

Make a collage Grouping your pics makes it easier to see them at a glance and make connections. I prefer Layout and Google Pics to generate small collages. If you have a blog, you can use the galleries to create a collage as well. And if you’re more tech savvy, check out GIMP which is an open source photo editor.

Note your faves! This shows you what combinations make you feel stellar, which can inform your future sewing plans.

It’s also a good opportunity to look at your color schemes. What colors do you naturally gravitate to? Are there any colors you wish were in your closet? Did you discover new color combinations during the month? Make note of those as they expand your possibilities!

Read on for my own conclusions and all the pics!

▲ Goals: success or failure? ▲

My goals were to find new outfit combinations and identify gaps in my wardrobe. These seemed like attainable goals with useful outcomes. An unwritten component of that taking pictures every day, which to be honest was the true challenge.

I did skip about 4 days throughout the month, all of them on the weekend. They were days I spent at home in my pjs, which did get documented once, but I didn’t feel it was necessary to show them again.

Apart from the pajamas, I didn’t repeat an entire outfit! I did find some new combos with my jackets. It was easy until the last couple of days, which leads me to the next conclusion: I need more shirts.

Looking over everything from the past month, I wear alot of skirts and dresses. One of my favorite garment combos is a button-down shirt tucked into a circle skirt. I don’t quite have enough button-down shirts to wear with the jeans and skirts I made this Spring, so one of my new goals is to increase the number at my disposal. I also realized I need a new waist belt because mine is showing signs of wear and tear.

▲ Thoughts on the MMM Challenge Itself ▲

It’s interesting this challenge takes place in the beginning of summer. I wonder if it isn’t due to prolific amounts of dress patterns and people who make them (myself included).

Although, its probably just for the alliterative acronym.

This capsule isn’t a complete picture of what I wear, which dramatically changes in the winter. And none of my lovely sweaters get airtime. I might do my own winter edition next January or February to see what my winter wardrobe looks like.

MMM was indeed a challenge, but worthwhile in the end. I have a clearer picture (literally) of what’s in my closet, how I like to wear everything, and what I need to create in the future.

Now for a well-deserved break with a nice cuppa chai and my embroidery hoop!

Thanks for reading ♥