24 of 31 days down! Surprisingly (to me) I have yet to repeat a whole outfit. Some super-star pieces (looking at you DD Lupin jacket) are doing repeat performances, but I’m so okay with that!

It’s been seasonably warm this week and my dresses are up for the task!

I love marking my skill progress, which usually happens when I successfully complete a task (i.e. attaching a collar, stitching a hem) but MMM opened my eyes to my short-cutting ways of the past: not fully stitching my facings down!

These days, I stitch them all around the edges by hand with a herringbone stitch. But I’ve been pulling older garments out recently where the facings are just tacked in. Tacked in! They flop and threaten to expose themselves constantly. I’ve started fixing them in the evenings while I watch TV. 2019 me simply can’t abide by that nonsense.

Anyway, onto the looks!

Day 18: Givre top, Melilot over-shirt, self-drafted jeans.
We had a busy day of friends, yard work and plants (I finally got a lavender plant for my garden!), culminating in a backyard fire with mountain pies, s’mores, and hot dogs. Woot!

Sunday, Day 19, was a lounge-wear repeat.

Day 20: my brand new tunic dress design!!
Day 21: this button-down shirt is the first pattern I ever made nearly 3 years ago! It features a pin-tucked collar. Also wearing a Lupin jacket and self-drafted jeans.
Day 22: Sporting an Arum dress in Liberty cotton. Oh, and a wild slime appeared!
Day 23: a self-drafted dress in a stormy fabric.
Day 24: Givre top and Chardon skirt. The skirt is thick, teal linen and it gives me major Sailor Scout vibes!
Sewing Power Maaaake Up!

Only one more week to go! Thanks for reading <3