Oh my! I’ve made it 17 days! MMM is turning out to be a bigger challenge than I expected! It’s giving me some discipline, however, as I’m really trying to post every day which is pretty unusual for me.

Observation changes behavior; in a normal month, where I’m not documenting myself every day, I wear alot more repeat outfits. I have my favorites which I trot out frequently, perhaps too frequently. Now that The Internet is viewing my outfits on the daily, I’ve been seeking out more rare combinations, which is pretty cool.

I finally switched out my winter and summer clothes! My glorious winter coat is put away and a few sweaters took a peaceful retreat out the countryside, a.k.a. the big plastic bin under my bed. Returning from their sabbatical are my dresses! Welcome back, dressies!

Naturally, freeing my summer clothes caused a dramatic drop in temperature and invited days of cold rain. Rats!

Anyway, here is a breakdown of my last week of outfits.

Day 10: I love the colors in this outfit!! This teal blazer with the blackberry skirt may be my new favorite combo! Morris blazer, Melilot button-down, and self-drafted full circle skirt!
Day 11: weekend lounge wear (Givre shirt, lengthened Kochi robe, and lengthened 100 Acts pants with added in-seam pockets!!)
Day 12: Mother’s Day. Melilot button-down, self-drafted sweater and jeans
Day 13: Ondee sweater, Lupin jacket, self-drafted skirt
Day 14: Datura blouse, Oslo cardigan, self-drafted jeans.
I got a standing desk at work – holy canoli is it wonderful! My chronic neck and shoulder problems are nearly gone.
Day 15: Garnet blouse and circle skirt (both self-drafted).
This was a lightning quick photo-shoot after work, but I love it!! Look at all that greenery!
Day 16: Myosotis dress and Wembley cardigan
Day 17: Wembley cardigan and self-drafted ‘moon cycle’ dress.
One of my longtime hobbies is looking for constellations and scoping out the moon with my telescope (which is now about 20 years old!), so I gravitate to any fabric with stars, moons, or planets. This fabric is just FAB!

I’ve been working on this website as well, getting it secure and fixing some errors I made when I installed it. It’s all been taken care of and I’m looking forward to bringing you some new designs, useful content, and maybe a surprise later this year!

Thanks for reading <3