Baby’s first Me Made May

Ok, technically, it ain’t my first rodeo – I attempted a MMM in 2017 but I just couldn’t keep up with the photographing. Now that I’m being more social with my sewing, I decided to do it, actually do it.

So, my ‘pledge’ is take pics each day (or as much as possible), documenting a month’s worth of outfits. My goals are to learn more about my personal style/preferences and discover any remaining wardrobe holes. After 5 years, they still exist!

I’ve been posting to my Instagram account (@vmshields) and, since I have yet to finish either of the self-drafted dresses in my queue, I decided to do a MMM round-up thus far.

To keep my feed from being 31 selfies, I’ve tried to be creative with some of the posts. Taking selfies every day, or asking my hubbs to take one for me, is a bit much for me! I’m interested in how long I will stay in the game and how playing the MMM game might change me.

So here’s week 1, I hope you enjoy!

Day 1: Bleuet dress and Lupin jacket

Day 2: self-drafted circle skirt, 100 Acts shirt, Morris Blazer

Day 3: outfit collage. Melilot shirt, Kochi Kimono, self-drafted jeans

I skipped Day 4…whoopsie!

Day 5: got my hair cut! People are telling me I look like Bowie with this cut and I am here for that!!! (Lupin jacket, Linden sweater, self-drafted jeans)

Day 6: accidentally wore the only 2 garments I’ve made with these rad brown buttons! Brains are weird. Lupin jacket with self-drafted shirt dress.

Day 7: Self-drafted button down and skirt, Wembley Cardigan, TeeTee cat

Day 8: MMM from my POV (Bleuet Dress, Willow Cardigan)

Day 9: Self-drafted button down, Wembley cardigan, self-drafted jeans

Today is Day 10, but I have yet to do my picture.

▲ Take-aways so far ▲

My first MMM revelation comes from noting the ages of my garments. My handmade clothes are lasting longer than in my RTW days; i.e.the Wembley cardigans have lived 3 years of frequent use with no pilling. They’re all from a Telio french terry, rather cheap in price. In my Modcloth-buying days, I purchased cardigans that pilled within a year and looked terrible for it. Materials make a difference!

Hems last longer for me, too. T-shirts used to be a big culprit, their shoddy hems giving way to trailing threads. I’m careful to lock those puppies down with some backstitching when I hem. I’ve yet to have one come undone!

Thanks for reading❤